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  • 05 Feb


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    Overbilling can cost you thousands

    Yosef Rabinowitz—National Member
    Since 1994, Yosef has examined phone bills for errors, services not ordered, well-above-market pricing or a combination of these, typically saving his clients 15%-50% (or more, in some cases) and often finding that they are owed a refund by their carrier. “90% of business and nonprofit phone bills are either wrong or way too high.” So says Yosef Rabinowitz, Managing Director of New York City-based TBRC Cost Recovery, LLC, based on his nearly 20 years of experience. Through a strategic partnership, TBRC also helps businesses and nonprofits that accept credit cards to lower their Merchant Processing costs, usually without having to change vendors. “Merchant Processing firms are notorious for nickel-and-diming the merchants that they allegedly ‘serve’.
    Many of them secretly raise their rates or tack on extra fees 4 or 5 times per year right under the merchant’s nose. Who has time to look, right?” About 80% of the time, his team is able to lower the merchant’s costs without changing vendors, he says. In 2013, TBRC worked with a nonprofit and uncovered an error of more than $300 per month that went back 3 years. Total refund: Nearly $12,000. “We especially   love to serve non-profits because every dollar goes back into the very important charitable programs and services that they provide to   those in need.” If your business or nonprofit spends at least $2,000 per month, combined, on phone, internet and wireless,or if you process at least $10,000 per month in Visa/MasterCard transactions, it’s definitely worth having Yosef and his team examine your bills. You can reach him by phone at 212-644-9000 x327 or by email at To learn more, check out their website

    We want to congratulate our member, Ana Hawk

     on her great success! She has been using the systems in place to get her business noticed. Instant Barter LLC is outranking other companies that have been paying big bucks for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    Don’t get left out in the cold! Use the network education to get your business noticed. #Google results are being realized every day. This information is included with your paid membership; log on and learn how to help your business today! Are you using the information we are sharing? Ana Hawk is! She is seeing great results with the information available to all network members. There are weekly Wednesday webinars and online webinars in the vault right now at
    Learn more by visiting or email

  • 05 Feb


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    San diego business expansion event!

    Gia Heller—CEO, My Social Empire
    Untitled 43
    Vacations. Sleeping in. Time off anytime you want! Is this what you thought about when you decided to own your own business? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are busy working on growing your business and making improvements to your processes so you can increase your productivity.Often times, it feels like your work is never done. But, working on something that you are passionate about makes the time pass quickly without the feeling of “work.”Now, Facebook is making us work harder to reach our page’s fans! Many members are commenting about the lack of organic growth when they make their daily posts. Now that Facebook is amping up their pay to play policies, you may need to “boost” your post.Before you invest in boosting your post, make sure you are creating quality content. It won’t make a difference if you are paying to advertise to your page’s fans if they are not interacting with the content.So, make it a point to create quality content that people will enjoy. Make it easy to get the likes and shares you need for your organic growth!January is coming to an end! If you are like most people, you have New Year’s resolutions requiring your focus. Did you put “Grow my Business” on your list?Then join Ken Foster, Eric Lofholm, Lisa Sasevich, and me in San Diego when we help entrepreneurs expand their business. Get your tickets today by calling Ken Foster at 760-515-9051.

    Janine Jones

    New Zealand Wool Sweaters—National Expert Untitled42
    New Zealand Wool Sweaters offers fashionable pashminas, scarves, hats, gloves, vests, socks, sweaters and jackets. Their products are of the highest quality and are made from environmentally friendly fur. For over 15 years, Janine Jones has been providing exceptional customer service to her customers. The many repeat customers she has gained spread the word about her product and have helped to build her business. Quality Products and Customer Satisfaction are two of the key components of New Zealand Wool Sweaters operating procedures. Every garment sold helps to save the New Zealand ecosystem. Do you need a high quality garment? These items also make great gifts! Their website,, is updated regularly with the latest fashions. You are sure to find a product that will meet your needs. If you are looking for a specific item that you do not see listed, you can contact Janine for more information.

  • 05 Feb


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    Create a need for your service

    Rebecca Brown—Elevate Public Relations PR and Marketing
    When you create a need for your service, people will flock to you! “Take advantage of how people perceive your brand,” Rebecca Brown shared. It’s not everything, but it’s a large part of your branding strategy.Offering great service and listening go a long way in building your brand. If you are working in a niche, be better and care more than anyone else in your field. What kind of service are you offering your customers? They are going to talk about you regardless, so you should make it all good! “Gia Heller is a great brand and phenomenal speaker,” Rebecca said. “In this day in age everyone is social.” Gia Heller, CEO of The National Business Experts, is definitely social. Working with her members to teach them how to use social media to engage new clients and build relationships. Are you social? Take advantage of how people perceive your brand. Work it to your advantage. Create a need for your service. Learn how at the next Phoenix Business Experts meeting on January 22nd. Rebecca will be speaking at the Phoenix Business Experts meeting at Mijana—1290 N Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ at 7pm. We hope to see you! 25 Hour Energy—National Expert Untitled36
    Are you finding yourself dragging yourself through the day? If you need an energy drink that is going to keep you level during the day, then your choices are limited. Many of the drinks on the market only last a few hours and the last bit of time can be the crash right before the burnout. Randy Keith, of 25 Hour Energy, has been helping his clients find organic all natural solutions for their lives. One of the products he uses for energy called XS Energy Drink has been compared to a B-12 shot. It’s no chemical formula lasts throughout your day and gives you a boost to tackle your busy life. XS Energy Drink is part of a product line that has been in business for many years offering: No Bull. No Carbs. No Sugar. All of these ingredients affect the way you think and feel and that’s why they have been eliminated from the formulation that will make you feel great for approximately 25 hours so you can avoid the crash that often comes from energy drinks while allowing you to rest without being jittery. Are you ready to use a product that offers you a money back guarantee? This drink is the real deal! Contact Randy Keith today to order your 25 hour energy drink.

  • 05 Feb


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    Champions are made at events

    Small Business Workshop—Miami, FL January 16th-18th
    Are you attending business development events? Bill Walsh suggests that you attend events that will benefit your business so that you can surround yourself with a team of individuals that hold the same values dear. “Champions are made at events,” he said. Are you setting yourself up for success by staying surrounded by successful people? It’s more than positive self talk, it positive action and accountability. When you have access to great minds that can help you propel your thoughts into action, you can achieve great things. This week, don’t miss out on the small business workshop and VIP workshops to help you build a better business! Bill Walsh and Gia Heller will be there to help business owners build greater success. What have you done for your business lately? Find out what you need to do to grow your business this year by attending this highly anticipated event un29

    Christian ramirez

    LA Printing and Design—National Expert Untitled30
    Christian Ramirez of LA Printing and Design works closely with his clients to design their perfect promotional, restaurant, signage, and clothing. Do you need professionally produced uniforms? LA Printing can help. They are a full service agency that can offer design services for logos and printing layouts. All you need to bring is your idea to get a finished product you will be happy to share! Restaurants can get comprehensive promotional branding packages. Embroidered or printed uniforms can be produced to give your staff a professional look. Don’t stop there… put your Sharpies away and get your menus updated with high quality photos and the proper pricing. Promotional items and printed cups will make your business package complete. A-frames, vinyl window signs, and full car wraps are just a start to what signage you can have produced to promote your business. Working with the professionals Christian has assembled will make your project quick and easy. Branding is more than business cards and letterhead contact Christian at 562-505-2911 or to get started on your printing and branding project today.

  • 05 Feb


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    Facebook built my business

    Marlena Krueger—Phoenix Member
    The housing market crash affected many people in Phoenix, AZ. Because of the bust, Marlena Krueger was faced with an emptying building and a need to generate revenues when she decided to turn some space into a medical spa. She set about finding out all she needed to know to make Body Beautiful Spa the premiere spa in the Phoenix area. Since 2007, her medical spa has been enlarged several times and is now the sole occupant of the building. When she first started her business, she knew that there were areas of the project that she needed to find expert assistance in—including marketing. Why? Because she uses Facebook to build her business and to connect with clients to keep her appointments full. Wanting to get the most out of the time and money she spent on marketing her new venture, Marlena started participating in networking groups including The Arizona Women Networking which was the original group that started The National Business that subsequently lead to the creation of My Social Empire at Powerteam, The Phoenix Business Experts, and other social media marketing groups.
    4449 N 24th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-522-9222
    “The Arizona Women Networking group gave me access to the experts I needed to build my business. It can do that for you too!” Marlena shared. Those relationships are still benefiting her today. Because of the relationships she built, her business flourished. Gia Heller is a spa client and highly recommends the quality of the services and exceptional customer care of Body Beautiful Spa. They are Building Relationships—This is one of the foundational pieces of the social media techniques taught at The National Business Experts. Social media gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your customer and build trust in your product or service. When you are using the techniques taught in the network, you can have the success you desire. From an idea to a million dollar business—that’s what you can build. Are you using all of the benefits of your membership to gain the success that you deserve? Visit Marlena today at 4449 N 24th Street in Phoenix, AZ or call 602-522-9222 to schedule a treatment today!
    Learn more by visiting or email

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